[Blog] 少し悲しき観光地化


Since I moved to Kanazawa, I have been visiting places where I've never been to even I'm from this prefecture. I have been living in here for a year and half now, but I still sometimes feel I am like a tourist.  I'm still digging what is Kanazawa. Including this complex, I love to be here. It's a compact city, but also we can easily access to go to beach side and mountain side in a several minutes. The best is the best food in Japan. 

Many of my friends visits to Kanazawa in these days, then they ask me where should they go. I'm editing this map as I recommend to my friends. So much information is on the internet and guide book in these days, but the best way is to ask people who live in the city or love the city. If you have any questions about Kanazawa, I'm very happy to support your trip.  Link